Bilingual Education Coordinator FAQ

Hear from Samantha Hsu, a teacher at Bridgeport Elementary, about what it is like to participate in EarthGen’s programming.

As the Bilingual Education Coordinator, what will I be doing on a day-to-day basis? 

There are a few key responsibilities for this position:

  • Reaching out to local schools and districts that engage mainly migrant, bilingual, and/or native youth and providing them with support. You will help register teachers for professional development with EarthGen and guide them through programming. This could look like sending emails, calling administrators, and meeting teachers in person to support them in their classroom implementation.
  • Other responsibilities include building relationships with migrant, bilingual, and native communities and developing partnerships with community organizations to support authentic and sustained engagement with EarthGen programs. 

How is this different from working in a school as a teacher?

To be an effective and empathetic coordinator for teachers and students, experience as a classroom teacher is necessary. As a statewide nonprofit, EarthGen works with school and district administrators to provide professional development for teachers and a variety of action-oriented programming for K-12 students.

In this position, the Bilingual Education Coordinator will help promote EarthGen events and programs, support the development of materials and coordination of their distribution, and guide teachers through these experiences. You will not be responsible for teaching the programs but rather providing guidance and support to teachers to implement EarthGen programs. This can look like answering their questions, offering suggestions for effective implementation, etc.


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