Community Partners

EarthGen recognizes that we can only solve big challenges by working together.

Young people are natural changemakers and magnets for engagement, with great potential to unite their communities. EarthGen brings together young people, educators, schools, and community partners from across Washington state to create collective action for change. 

Together, EarthGen and its community partners develop science-based, action-oriented K-12 education and work collaboratively with school communities to equip students to become leaders in tackling climate change and creating equitable communities.

Three students huddling around a clipboard

Successful community partnerships can take many forms.

4 high school students sit at a circular table.

Clark County Public Health

EarthGen’s long-standing partnership with Clark County Public Health advances environmental education and action in Southwest Washington’s schools. Together, EarthGen and CCPH leverage community resources to help K-12 schools become EarthGen Certified Schools. The annual Clark County Student Summit brings students and educators together for shared learning that Green Teams bring back to their communities.

A group of 4 people work to construct a rain garden at a school

Abbott Construction

Starting with a garden improvement project at Seattle’s Sand Point Elementary in 2013, Abbott has volunteered their time, talent, and resources to help connect student learning to the outdoors at more than a dozen K-12 schools. They have helped EarthGen create wheelchair accessible garden beds, sensory and rain gardens, compost bins, and nature trails. Abbott brings energy and passion to every project – plus incredible skill and power tools!

Sammy the Sounder stands surrounded by a large group of sitting children at a school assembly

Seattle Sounders FC

In 2019, Seattle Sounders FC became the first carbon neutral soccer team in North America. In partnership with EarthGen, staff and players volunteer alongside students to build gardens, create outdoor classrooms, and improve waste systems. Visits from mascot Sammy the Sounder enliven school events. Together, EarthGen and Sounders FC developed the RAVE Green Rewards program to recognize leadership in EarthGen Certified schools.

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“[This is] the best program I know of for helping save the planet!”

Brian Schmetzer, Head Coach, Seattle Sounders FC