School District Support

EarthGen partners with school district leaders from across the state to enhance learning opportunities for students and reduce schools’ environmental footprint.

With EarthGen’s guidance and support, schools and districts develop and implement new programs, policies, and practices that improve student outcomes and make campuses greener and healthier places.

A large group of students is gathered around three waste sorting bins.
2 students wearing gloves planting in Sylvester Middle School's new rain garden

Featured Program

Close up of a school lunch tray being held in a student's hand

Sustainable School Food

The EarthGen Sustainable School Food program helps schools shrink their carbon footprint and reduce waste through EarthGen partnerships like School Food Share and other effective strategies. For more information browse our Sustainable School Food Toolkit or to get your school involved, contact EarthGen.

Featured School District

Oak Harbor Public Schools

Located on Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor Public Schools leads the way among school districts committed to environmental stewardship. In partnership with EarthGen, teachers and students from Oak Harbor apply their passion and persistence to advance sustainability in schools throughout the district.

Note: When this video was recorded in 2019, EarthGen was still known as Washington Green Schools.

“EarthGen provided our students and staff the inspiration, challenge, and structure to achieve things in sustainability that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.”