School Certification

Available for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

School certification is EarthGen’s original and longest running program. The certification program provides a framework for K-12 communities to take action and earn recognition for their commitment to make a healthier, more sustainable campus.

A group of 4 elementary school students poses next to waste sorting bins in their cafeteria

Schools across the state form Green Teams of students and adults who take on a long-term action project chosen from among eight environmental categories.

  • Energy
  • Healthy School Buildings
  • School Grounds & Gardens
  • Transportation
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Water
  • Habitat Restoration (new in 2022)
  • At-Home

The Certification Process

An online Report Card guides schools through the fun and fulfilling six-step certification process

When a school completes its project, which usually takes one school year, it receives a Bronze level certification that lasts for two years. EarthGen Certified Schools earn awards and receive statewide recognition for their efforts.

Certification Levels

Environmental stewardship is not just a one-time accomplishment. Schools can recertify by completing additional projects in new categories or building on previous successes. As Green Teams embed environmental stewardship in their communities, they elevate their award from Bronze to Silver, Gold, or Platinum.


Certification in 1 Environmental Category


Certification in 2 Environmental Categories


Certification in 3 – 5 Environmental Categories


Certification in 6 – 8 Environmental Categories