EarthGen Medalists

The EarthGen Medalist program honors individuals or groups who have shown leadership in sustainability, inclusion, and resilience within their school community.

Large group of Oak Harbor Public Schools students and administrators posing with their green medals

EarthGen Medalists (previously called Green Medalists) are committed to making their school a healthier and greener place to learn. They are recognized for their willingness to value others and make them feel welcome, and for persistence in the face of obstacles and setbacks.

Participation in EarthGen’s programs is not a prerequisite for nomination. EarthGen Medalist nominations and awards take place in the spring. 

EarthGen Medalist Highlights

Finn shakes hands while receiving his Green medalist award


Seattle Public Schools Elementary student, 2019

Finn earned an EarthGen Medalist Award for his devotion to the gardens at his elementary school. In addition to caring for the gardens and improving them for six years, Finn was recognized for being helpful, welcoming, and patient.

Katelen Phelan wears her green medal award

Katelen Phelan

Sylvester Middle School teacher, 2019

Katelen received the EarthGen Medalist Award for engaging her students in environmental learning and action. She inspires students to care for the school grounds and gardens and to be environmental stewards in their homes and community.

Rebecca Morris poses with her green medal and her Green Medalist certificate

Rebecca Morris

La Center High School teacher, 2018

Rebecca received the EarthGen Medalist Award for her exceptional ability to create young leaders at La Center High. Her students led a number of impressive projects that made their high school a more green and healthy place to learn, including an Earth Day Extravaganza and a new Natural Resources Career Technical Education Program.