EarthGen Medalists

The EarthGen Medalist program honors individuals or groups who have shown leadership in sustainability, inclusion, and resilience within their school community.

A group of students from Chinook Middle School's Unique Forest Club hold up their certificates after being honored as EarthGen Medalists.

EarthGen Medalists (previously called Green Medalists) are committed to making their school a healthier and greener place to learn. They are recognized for their willingness to value others and make them feel welcome, and for persistence in the face of obstacles and setbacks.

Participation in EarthGen’s programs is not a prerequisite for nomination. EarthGen Medalist nominations and awards take place in the spring. 

EarthGen Medalist Highlights

EarthGen Medalist Hannah Lindell-Smith poses with her certificate next to EarthGen's School Specialist Laura Tyler


Summit Atlas High School student, 2022

As a freshman, Hannah founded the Atlas Action Alliance, a student-led climate justice club. Now a sophomore, Hannah has lobbied the Washington State senate, meeting personally with Senator Joe Nguyen and ClimeTime leaders to discuss ways that climate education could be expanded in Seattle schools. After establishing the Atlas Action Alliance group during remote learning, Hannah has seamlessly transitioned the group from virtual activism (her letter to the editor was published in Seattle Times) to piloting on-campus recycling projects and safely organizing in-person events.

Lacamas Lake Elementary Green Team Members pose next to their lunch room sorting table

Lacamas Lake Elementary Green Team

Camas School District, 2022

The Green Team at Lacamas Lake Elementary School works hard every day to make the school a better and healthier place. They manage classroom recycling and cafeteria food waste and are not afraid to speak up when they see people littering or throwing away recyclables. When the school district canceled its composting contract as a cost-saving measure, the Green Team took action with a letter campaign, and the district listened. Composting was reinstated district-wide, thanks to the Lacamas Lake Green Team.

Spokane School District's Student Advisory Council on Climate Change pose with their signs during a community protest

Student Advisory Council on Climate Change (SAC3)

Spokane School District group, 2022

This group of Spokane high school, middle school (and some elementary) students is committed to improving how climate change is addressed in the K-12 system. In addition to their advisory role with the district, the group spearheaded the district’s Earth Day celebrations. SAC3 verified students’ widespread concern and desire to learn about climate change with a survey of student attitudes towards environmental issues that received an incredible response rate. They also sponsored a digital climate challenge that pitted schools in a friendly competition to assess and curb their climate impact.

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