Learning Resources

Schools and parents need help to activate students’ power as changemakers for a healthy environment. 

That’s why EarthGen has developed a system of science-based, action-oriented programs and educational resources that give students meaningful learning opportunities.

Students stand next to a newly built garden bed looking at the creatures living in the soil
Three teachers are looking at a laptop's computer screen that displays a map of North America with migration patterns.

Resources for Schools, Educators, Parents

Preview of "Home Projects" sheet in the Carbon Calculator

EarthGen’s Carbon Calculator

Showcase your energy, water, and waste footprint reductions and generate new project ideas with EarthGen’s carbon calculator tool. The tool allows districts, schools, and homes to calculate the impact of sustainability projects. 

Three EarthGen Resources: Ideas for Student Action, Waste Adventure, and Garden Exploration

At-Home Learning Resources

When schools closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, EarthGen began creating environmental learning resources that teachers and parents can use for at-home learning. From adventures in waste reduction to garden explorations and more, EarthGen’s learning resource library contains activities and science lessons for all grade levels.

Preview of Culturally Relevant Meals Sustainable School Food Toolkit

Sustainable School Food Toolkit

Nutrition services directors and other school district leaders need tangible, easy-to-implement strategies for making their food systems more sustainable. EarthGen created the Sustainable School Food Toolkit to help districts reduce impacts, shrink costs, and promote equity. The toolkit includes tips and resources for Waste Prevention, Food Rescue and Recovery, Climate-Friendly Meals, and Culturally-Relevant Foods.