Science Units

3 students stand in grass near their playground looking for pollinators

Are you a teacher looking for ways to make science lessons more meaningful and engaging for your students?

Do you want to connect with their interests and backgrounds through culturally relevant teaching methods? Would you like to equip them with the knowledge and skills to tackle real-world problems related to the environment and society? If you’re not sure where to start, we can help you explore some effective strategies for achieving these goals in your classroom.

Featured Units

Monarch Mystery

Lower Elementary | Available in Spanish

Monarch Mystery uses the story of Violeta, a young girl from a migrant community in central Washington, to educate students about natural phenomena and their cultural connections to the environment, encouraging them to take action projects to support biodiversity in their community.

Breathing Easier

Upper Elementary | Available in Spanish

Breathing Easier educates upper elementary school students about local air quality issues, causes and impacts of air pollution on communities, and encourages them to take action to improve community health.

Zombie Guacamole

Upper Elementary | Available in Spanish

Zombie Guacamole teaches upper elementary school students about decomposition, energy cycling in ecosystems, and reducing waste at home and school through a hands-on “Race to Decomposition” game and encourages environmental action in their school community.

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“This was the best science unit I have taught and I have been teaching science for 12 years! Thanks so much for a wonderful learning experience for my students.”

Lindsay Knight, Neely O’Brien Elementary