Success Stories

Through EarthGen’s programs that connect hands-on environmental education with local action, young people are engaged in learning and action to protect people and the planet.

These success stories illustrate some of the many ways that students, teachers, and school communities are making a difference. Together with its partners across Washington, EarthGen is equipping young people to become leaders for sustainability and justice.

Oyster farm on the beach with many large metal cages full of oysters

Shellfish Reflect Complex Effects of Climate Change

Using native species as a locally relevant case study, teachers learn about the impact of climate change from an interdisciplinary group of experts during EarthGen’s professional development workshops.

A migrant student holds her younger brother while examining mason jars filled with soil and apple slices to see which one decomposed the quickest as part of EarthGen's Zombie Guacamole program

Migrant Students Explore Environmental Science

More than 30,000 migrant students are enrolled in Washington schools, and in some school districts, more than half of the student body speaks Spanish at home.

Three students on stage at the state Capitol in Olympia presenting their anti-idling campaign.

Lakeland Hills Elementary Students Make Breathing Easier

EarthGen’s Breathing Easier science unit teaches elementary students about air pollution and environmental justice and equips young people to take action to protect their health.

Zoom screenshot showing students and EarthGen staff in gallery mode smiling and giving thumbs up.

Pandemic Pivot Kept Kids Learning about the Environment

When COVID-19 closed schools suddenly in 2020, EarthGen rose to the challenge to ensure that even during a pandemic, environmental learning and action never stop.

Students plant in their rain garden

A Culture of Sustainability Grows from a Rain Garden

With the help of EarthGen, an eighth grade science project has grown into a culture of sustainability and stormwater stewardship in the Highline School District.