Name Change FAQ

In January 2021, Washington Green Schools formally changed its name to EarthGen.

Here are answers to some important questions about this change.

Why did you change your name?

We needed a name that conveys the urgency and importance of what we do, which is equip youth to become leaders in the fight against climate change and environmental injustice. Plus, the old name was easily confused with schools and other groups.

Why EarthGen?

Our new name, EarthGen, is about centering youth as changemakers for a healthy environment. The next generation will inherit two interconnected crises they did not create: climate change and social injustice. But young people are courageous and motivated to take action and create solutions. 

EarthGen’s environmental science programs give young people essential knowledge, skills, and opportunities so they can become leaders for sustainability and justice. At EarthGen, we partner with educators and K-12 school communities to facilitate youth-centered solutions for a healthy planet.

Will your mission and programs change?

Our mission – to guide and support young people to learn and take action for a healthy environment – is more important than ever. With our new name, we aim to bring more people into our collective efforts to create a just and sustainable world.

What about the Green Schools Certification program?

Don’t worry, the certification program is alive and well, and we will honor all active certification awards. Each school will now be an EarthGen Certified School and will receive a new EarthGen flag for their school building early in 2021.

Stay tuned for an upcycling project for your old flag!

Ready to get involved with EarthGen?

We’re excited about this change and hope you are too! Please send us a note to learn how you can get more involved or sign up for our newsletter in the footer!