Climate Education Expands Beyond Science Class

“This training has been very rewarding for me. I have successfully passed down the knowledge I have gained to my students, and they are now passing this information around to friends, and on their social media.” - EarthGen Teacher Training Participant"

Climate change education is expanding beyond the confines of the science classroom. In the Seattle area, an AP Japanese teacher decided to explore the real-world impact of climate change with her students. Tasked with researching how climate change affects fishing, waste management, and air quality in Japan, her students took on the roles of reporters, presenting their findings in Japanese. They didn’t stop at just showcasing the problems; they collaborated to investigate solutions to problems.

Through EarthGen training, this language teacher discovered that climate science is relevant beyond the science classroom and she learned how to incorporate climate science learning into her Japanese lessons. Now, she helps her students improve their language skills while preparing them to tackle global challenges.