Educators sit around a table at a recent Climate Justice focused teacher training

EarthGen Helps Educators to Embed Climate Justice into Science

At EarthGen’s recent teacher trainings, educators in NW and SW Washington deepened their understanding of climate justice. Climate justice recognizes the disproportionate impacts of climate change on low-income communities and […]

Students at Spokane International Academy partner with EarthGen to bring nature back to their campus, starting with student-built raised garden beds

Students Revive Nature at Spokane International Academy

At Spokane International Academy (SIA), urban development has devastated the once lush landscape, leaving it bare. Just like in “The Lorax,” students saw the trees surrounding their campus cut down […]

“This training has been very rewarding for me. I have successfully passed down the knowledge I have gained to my students, and they are now passing this information around to friends, and on their social media.” - EarthGen Teacher Training Participant"

Climate Education Expands Beyond Science Class

Climate change education is expanding beyond the confines of the science classroom. In the Seattle area, an AP Japanese teacher decided to explore the real-world impact of climate change with […]

A barren brown patch of dirt and asphalt is visible between 2 portable buildings at Tyee's interim campus. Students hold a clipboard that shows their ideas to improve their campus.

EarthGen Teams Up with Students to Reimagine Their Campus

While awaiting the construction of their new school, Tyee High School students have partnered with EarthGen to transform their interim campus into an educational space that fosters a meaningful connection […]