Students from Summit Atlas High School hold up signs to send a message to U.S. Senator Patty Murray, asking her, Hannah says, “to stand up for our generation’s right to good jobs and a livable future."

Recognizing Youth Leaders and Action

Every year, EarthGen awards medals to students for their commitment to making their communities a healthier place to live and learn. EarthGen Medalists are individuals or groups who have shown leadership […]

Abbott Construction volunteers pose in front of newly built raised beds.

Abbott Construction Celebrates Sweet Sixteen

Seattle-based commercial construction company Abbott Construction works with a lot of great community organizations, so when they arrived at Sand Point Elementary School’s Day of Service in 2013, nobody knew […]

Oyster farm on the beach with many large metal cages full of oysters

Using Shellfish to Teach Climate Change

Shellfish are an important traditional food source with cultural significance for coastal Native people and the foundation of an iconic industry for Washington state. The shellfish industry here generates hundreds of millions […]

A group of 2 students and 2 teachers stands smiling at the camera with green medals around their necks.

Announcing the 2021 Green Medalists

EarthGen’s Green Medalist program honors individuals or groups who have shown leadership in sustainability, inclusion, and resilience within their school community. These characteristics were more important than ever this school […]

Image showing a wall of virtual post it notes filled with positive comments about the COVID and Climate Change training.

Connecting Lessons of COVID and Climate Change

A new virtual training, COVID and Climate Change helps teachers explore the relationships among climate change, COVID, and social injustice. This professional learning workshop, a collaboration between EarthGen and ESD […]

Everett area middle school teachers gather around a model that helps them simulate the enhanced greenhouse effect at an EarthGen Energy Matters training.

Connecting Energy Matters and Climate Change

When Everett middle school students asked their teachers about climate change and how they could make a difference, their teachers reached out to EarthGen for help.