Climate Science Teacher Trainings – Now Online

“I have not only gained incredible knowledge on climate science but I also learned how to teach a class in these challenging times.”

– Teacher at WGS’ Fire and Our Future online training

As Washington educators moved their teaching online, WGS pivoted its approach to professional development. WGS’ remote trainings equipped teachers with strategies to engage their students in climate science – both online and in the classroom.

Map of Washington state with county outlines. There are 27 counties filled in green to represent the counties where Washington Green Schools provided service. The other 12 counties are grey.

Online Trainings
April-June 2020

  • 9 trainings, topics included agriculture, energy, and wildfires
  • 27 counties served
  • 212 teachers trained

97% of teachers felt better prepared to support students to plan and implement an action project around a local environmental issue.*

* Teacher survey responses, April-June 2020