EarthGen helps WA teachers address environmental injustice – KNKX Article

EarthGen helps WA teachers address environmental injustice was published on February 9, 2023 on KNKX’s website

Article Excerpt: As the planet is increasingly affected by climate change, advocates are making an effort to raise awareness in various ways. One such advocate is EarthGen, a Washington-based nonprofit focused on providing schools with a learning experience covering environmental pollution, social injustice and climate solutions.

EarthGen offers hands-on programs for schools throughout the state to help teachers discuss climate change in positive and informative ways. Becky Bronstein, program manager at EarthGen, explained the importance of young people learning about these topics in classrooms.

“Tackling climate change, addressing social injustice, environmental injustice, climate injustice, these are the biggest issues we’ll face, [that] humanity will ever face,” said Bronstein. “The interconnectedness, the complexities of that, we need support for that, and the youth needs support.”