Find Your New Favorite Climate Learning Podcast

With students and teachers headed back to school, life’s getting busier! Check out a climate themed podcast while you’re on the go. EarthGen has created a guide to four of our favorite thought-provoking podcasts.

As She Rises

This podcast weaves poetry and activists’ stories to highlight specific climate impacts and vulnerable ecosystems. If we could only pick one episode, we would recommend The River as it shares the story of the Skagit Watershed right here in Washington.

How to Save a Planet

An excellent resource if you’re looking for a podcast that will fill you with possibility and energize you for the fight against climate change—this podcast series and accompanying newsletter highlights climate solutions and ways to take action.

Facing It

Highlights strategies for understanding and processing climate emotions. These episodes may be helpful for educators looking to build their knowledge or as a tool to share with students.

People Over Plastic

This series centers BIPOC storytelling to advocate for systemic transformation toward environmental and climate justice. Topics include waste pollution, waste colonialism, and fossil fuel industries.