Cover of EarthGen's 2022-23 Annual Report

Dive Into EarthGen’s Annual Report

We hope you enjoy EarthGen’s 2022-23 Annual Report! Year after year, educators share that EarthGen helps students understand the causes and impacts of climate change and prepares them to take […]

The Story of Bemiss Elementary’s Outdoor Classroom

At Bemiss Elementary in Spokane, beyond the traditional classrooms brimming with eager learners, a vibrant outdoor classroom thrives. This haven, nestled within the school grounds, features a functional rain garden, […]

The Lacamas Lake Elementary School green team celebrates their EarthGen certification

Celebrating EarthGen 2022-23 School Certifications

We celebrate the hardworking students who have earned 2022-23 EarthGen certification for their schools. These students are true environmental leaders, making a difference in their communities by transforming waste practices, […]