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Your EarthGen certification lasts two years because your school's environmental action does not end when you submit your Report Card. It should evolve and progress, embedding sustainability within your campus community. In order to maintain your status as a EarthGen Certified School, you have two options: either certify in a new environmental category or recertify using the form below. 

Once you recertify, you and your Green Team elevate your award (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) to the Sustaining Level. For example, a Gold certification would turn into a Sustaining Gold certification. You must report on all categories you have previously certified in, but you only need to take action in at least one category to continue your status as a EarthGen. Thank you for your continued commitment to providing a greener and healthier environment for your students!

We will use this to share updates on your certification process.

Ex. If 6 students on Green Team, but project involves the entire 5th grade, then put the number of 5th graders.

Option 1: Submit a short video showing the progress of one of your environmental action project.

Option 2: Submit a photo of one of your action projects with a paragraph quote describing the impact the project has made.

Option 3: Submit a student generated written piece describing your project(s)’s impact. This can be an essay, poem, newsletter, etc. and must be at least one page long.

Option 4: If you have one, take a picture of your school’s Green Team bulletin board or any place in your school where the school community can receive updates on all things green that are happening because of your Green Team.

Option 5: None of these options suit your project? Please email for more support!

Implementation Survey:

Once you complete your EarthGen recertification Report card, please complete this implementation survey. We welcome your feedback and love to make improvements to each of our programs! When filling out the survey please choose Certification as your program option. Please let us know if you have any questions ( 

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You are so close to submitting your Recertification! The last step is to complete the survey below. We are looking for your feedback regarding our Certification program, as it will make EarthGen more relevant and useful for you, your Green Team, and schools across the state in the future.

Please give your Recertification a careful final review to make sure that all of your information is complete and correct.

We will follow up with you in about two weeks with a review of your report and information about celebrating your success!