Anastasia Sanchez – Associate Director of Programs

Headshot of Anastasia Sanchez

Anastasia Sanchez

Associate Director of Programs

Anastasia comes to EarthGen with 15+ years of experience as a middle school science teacher, language acquisition specialist, and Title 1 curriculum expert at Seattle Public Schools. Her extensive background in education along with her deep knowledge of Antiracist and Anticolonial science education will help guide EarthGen’s program development and partnerships across the state. Anastasia is also pursuing her Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Human Development at the University of Washington. In her spare time you can find Anastasia in her garden, chasing waterfalls, taking in concerts, or reading a good book.

“I am thrilled to support teachers and students to collaboratively address consequential climate justice matters in culturally and racially affirming ways for the wellbeing of Land, Water, Air, multigenerational, and multispecies Earth kin.”

Anastasia Sanchez, Earthgen Associate Director of Programs