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Stormwater Challenge Professional Development- Follow Up Session

Schools across Washington state deal with stormwater issues such as fields flooding, silt entering storm drains, and pooling water near downspouts. The Stormwater Challenge is a unit supplement that was developed in partnership with Highline and Puyallup school districts to bring watershed and stormwater learning to classrooms through a locally relevant issue with unique adaptations for eastern and western Washington. This resource can be shared in sequential (~15 days) or the lessons can be practiced individually. The unit supplement includes activity outlines, resources, and slide decks.

The Stormwater Challenge poses the problem to students that their communities are and will experience heavier and more frequent rain events due to climate change. Students will explore how these events impact their schoolyard and local environment. They will connect stormwater issues around the state of Washington to their classroom learning then develop and design solutions including low impact design and green stormwater infrastructure to make a change on their school campus. Students will work in small groups and document their learning through a design notebook.


May 30 @ 4:00 pm 5:00 pm

Teachers will participate in asynchronous learning about the content in all three sections of the Stormwater Challenge, including Water Cycle & Watersheds, Pollution & Solutions, and Design Solutions. Teachers will develop an understanding for this content through lesson reviews and videos of hands-on activities. 

Teachers are eligible up to 6 STEM Clock Hours by completing the asynchronous course and may receive a $200 stipend by practicing the unit supplement with students and reflecting on the experience via a survey and focus group.