APP @Lincoln: Making Connections to the World Around Us

Note: Posts before 2020 reflect EarthGen’s former name, Washington Green Schools.

Silver-certified Washington Green School, King County

It all started with his love for whales.

In second grade Sebastian went on a whale-watching trip with his family in the San Juan Islands. This encounter ignited a voracious interest in learning everything he could about marine life. It didn’t take long for Sebastian to connect the dots: Human behaviors are one of the biggest threats to whales.

His realization sparked a passion for a sustainable world.  A Green Team member at App @Lincoln, Sebastian has become a veritable mover and shaker for the environment.

With support from our partners at Seattle Public Schools and Seattle Public Utilities, he and his peers teach the younger students how to manage their cafeteria waste. They talk to teachers about recycling and composting in their classrooms. These student leaders even started a worm bin on campus where food scraps are used to create compost for the school garden.

Sebastian knows that what he and his peers do today will impact him, his kids, and his grandkids in the years to come. That’s why he’s taking action now. Sebastian is only 12 years old and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this environmental leader!