Celebrating Community Partnership at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

A large group of students raises their hands excitedly at the mini-pitch and garden opening.
EarthGen teams up with students, educators, community members, RAVE Foundation, and Seattle Sounders FC to celebrate community partnerships at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary near Yakima. Together, we created drought-tolerant gardens and mini soccer pitches, transforming these spaces into vibrant hubs for learning and play.

What an incredible day at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary near Yakima, where the community came together to celebrate the culmination of a transformative project that saw a barren dirt field evolve into beautiful drought-tolerant gardens and mini soccer pitches. This project is the result of a partnership between Yakima School District, Seattle Sounders FC, RAVE Foundation, and EarthGen that sought to center environmental learning and community

Earlier this year, under the guidance of EarthGen and with the dedication of students, educators, and passionate community volunteers, a space for community gatherings and outdoor science learning came to life. This area provides opportunities for students to engage with nature and learn about climate science right outside their classroom. In the coming year, EarthGen is developing a comprehensive training to help teachers seamlessly weave these gardens into classroom lessons and student learning.