Connecting Energy Matters and Climate Change

When Everett middle school students asked their teachers about climate change and how they could make a difference, their teachers reached out to EarthGen for help. In response, EarthGen incorporated climate science lessons and a new carbon calculator into its Energy Matters science program.

In the spring of 2020, EarthGen shared the new resources with teachers statewide through online professional development. Now middle school students from all over Washington will learn about climate change and how energy use affects it.

A group of educators in hard hats look out onto a field of solar panels and wind turbines at the Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility in Yakima.
Everett area middle school teachers gather around a model that helps them simulate the enhanced greenhouse effect at an EarthGen Energy Matters training.

“I think the more teachers understand the systems involved in climate change locally, the better our ability to make learning possible for our students and to help them explore solutions.”

Teacher survey response from Energy Matters training in yakima