EarthGen Teams Up with Students to Reimagine Their Campus

While awaiting the construction of their new school, Tyee High School students have partnered with EarthGen to transform their interim campus into an educational space that fosters a meaningful connection to the environment. In a recent collaborative session, students shared their ideas with EarthGen, focused on creating green spaces, minimizing litter, and decreasing impermeable surfaces.

EarthGen supports students in bringing their ideas to life, from raised garden beds to hanging plants and redesigned trash cans. Follow along for updates as Tyee High School students and EarthGen work together to install these elements this spring, creating a vibrant and sustainable space. The students want to incorporate these improvements into their new campus, creating a legacy of environmental responsibility.

A barren brown patch of dirt and asphalt is visible between 2 portable buildings at Tyee's interim campus. Students hold a clipboard that shows their ideas to improve their campus.
Tyee High School students have plans to transform their interim campus into a vibrant space that fosters a connection to nature. Over the next three months, EarthGen will help students bring their plans to life, as they aim to increase green spaces, minimize litter, and improve stormwater management by reducing impermeable surfaces.