Former EarthGen Youth Fellow Shines at WSTA Conference

Charles Johnson, a former EarthGen Youth Fellow, recently shared his journey of environmental leadership at the annual Washington State Teachers Association conference. Charles joined the first cohort of youth fellows last spring and is now a junior at the Washington State School for the Blind. He told teachers that when he received his visual impairment diagnosis, he felt a very dark future for himself. Still, it was the impending climate crisis that felt even darker and motivated him to take action. “This fellowship was the launchpad for my environmental career,” he remarked, “I’ve gained knowledge and confidence to take meaningful action against climate change.”

At the Washington State Teachers Association conference, Charles Johnson, a former EarthGen Youth Fellow, shares his insights on the importance of involving students in helping design climate education.

EarthGen’s Youth Fellowship program offers paid opportunities to high school students passionate about climate justice. This program provides young leaders with mentorship, support, and resources to conduct climate change research and propose strategies to elevate the voices of youth in discussions of climate change education in their communities and beyond.