From Metamorphosis to Migration: Monarch Mystery Explorations in Bridgeport

In the Bridgeport community in Central Washington, Samantha Garza and Zoe Baxley, two dedicated educators, are making a lasting impact on their first-grade students. They have embraced the EarthGen’s Monarch Mystery program, a science-based curriculum centered around the migration of monarch butterflies. Through the eyes of Violeta, a young girl from a migrant community in central Washington, their students are transported into a world of exploration and discovery.

Over the course of the previous year, Samantha and Zoe implemented the Monarch Mystery program. Their students uncovered the wonders of metamorphosis, pollination, and migration, immersing themselves in Violeta’s narrative and experiencing firsthand the magic of monarch butterflies.

Building upon the experiences and insights gained from teaching the Monarch Mystery program, Samantha and Zoe have gone the extra mile by customizing the curriculum to meet the unique needs of their community. Recognizing the significance of broadening their students’ perspectives, they seamlessly integrated additional resources, such as “Skype a Scientist,” into their teaching repertoire. This innovative approach enables their young learners to directly engage with experts from diverse fields, fostering a profound understanding and connection to the world beyond their classroom walls.

To learn more about Samantha’s transformative journey of bringing the Monarch Mystery program into her classroom, please watch the video below.