Green Educator Spotlight: Shannon Rhodes

Our Green Spotlight series continues as we highlight educators and students who are taking action and making an impact in their communities and the Earth. Today we’re spotlighting Shannon Rhodes a teacher at Castle Rock Middle School.

It’s front of mind for middle school teacher Shannon Rhodes that her students’ lives will be greatly impacted by climate change. “They are living through a world-wide pandemic…and are beginning to understand that their actions do have profound effects on others.” Through Washington Green Schools, Shannon has received training on how to bring climate science into the classroom. “I want my students to be thinking about [climate change] through an individual, societal, and global perspective.”
At WGS, we are inspired by Shannon’s focus on ensuring her students are prepared to evaluate scientific data, think critically, and generate ideas for change. “I want my students to be critical thinkers and draw their own conclusions based on facts.” Whether exploring climate change data or working to improve food waste systems in school, Shannon’s goal is to inspire her students to make a difference.