Green Team Inspiration: Lakota Middle School

Note: Posts before 2020 reflect EarthGen’s former name, Washington Green Schools.

“We’re making a difference here at Lakota – and now I want to make a difference for the rest of the world.” The sentiments of 7th-grader Chyanna provide a snapshot of what’s possible when these middle schoolers put their mind to something. 

With a campus located less than 2 miles from the Puget Sound, The Lakota Middle School community knows that their actions have an impact on the health of their watershed. Their clean water action project included:

  • Kicking off a campus-wide education campaign to inspire smart water stewardship in students and staff
  • Planning, designing, modeling, and applying for funding to create a rain garden to solve runoff issues
  • Creating a web-based resource for other schools to use to promote smart water habits at school

With their creative approach to problem-solving and tenacity, there’s nothing that this school community can’t do!