Green Teams in Action: Lakota Middle School

Note: Posts before 2020 reflect EarthGen’s former name, Washington Green Schools.

The Lakota Middle School students took charge for one of our state’s cornerstone species this spring. After carefully tending to salmon eggs in the classroom and seeing them through the hatching stage, they released them into the wild.

This is when they learned about the impact that a polluted Puget Sound can have on their beloved species — and what inspired them to take action. The Lakota students introduced a water education plan to help their school community understand how they can be stewards of healthy watersheds. They also transformed their findings into a Webquest page, where other educators and students can replicate their experience in their own classroom. 

Thanks to the efforts of the Lakota Middle School team, this community has a real-life grasp on the impact they have on water quality – and the actions they can take to protect it.