Green Teams in Action: Silver Firs Elementary

Note: Posts before 2020 reflect EarthGen’s former name, Washington Green Schools.

The Green Team at Silver Firs Elementary in Everett is 13 passionate fifth-graders who wanted to make their school more environmentally focused. Their group only began meeting in April and even in a short amount of time, they were able to make a significant impact before the end of the school year.

With more than 550 students at Silver Firs, waste could easily become an issue, but the Green Team knew there were many things that could change. Together, they decided to tackle the problem of waste by finding creative ways to recycle. The Green Team collected hundreds of markers to be recycled and turned papers that had been used on only one side into notepads for students. From their example, other teachers and students are becoming aware of ways to minimize waste.

Congratulations Silver Firs on earning your Bronze Certification in Waste and Recycling!

Watch this video from Everett Public Schools to see the Silver Firs Green Team in action!