Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! Through all the challenges we’ve faced this year, teachers across the state have shown resilience and dedication. To showcase our gratitude, we’re sharing these words from Laura Tyler, EarthGen’s Program Coordinator.

As a veteran teacher of over 35 years, I know how hard each and every one of our teachers work to provide their students with engaging learning opportunities. Yet even with my extensive years of teaching, I have never had to teach during a pandemic because I retired just before COVID-19 hit.

I have watched over the past year; teachers totally transform their teaching styles and strategies to reach students virtually during times when we could not be together. I have also seen them pivot once again to offer more hybrid learning opportunities for our students.

You are constantly adapting your teaching to connect to those students that are hard to reach. You find new ways to present information so all students can access it. Your students are learning more social-emotional skills. They see you adapt, again and again, modeling flexible thinking strategies and perseverance.

While we all wish things would return to normal, remind yourself that you are a part of history and have stood up to this challenge with kindness, flexibility, and grace. Never have I been so in awe of the efforts teachers put in for our community, families, and students. You have done incredible, inspiring work. Please remember to take care of yourself and know that what you do matters.

Thank you, teachers!