Moses Lake Teachers Get Hands-On with EarthGen’s Stormwater Training

This summer, Moses Lake School District educators came together for a professional development experience focused on EarthGen’s Stormwater Challenge science unit. Recognizing the need for STEM opportunities tailored to their community, teachers seized the chance to delve deeper into stormwater education, as stormwater pollution impacts nearby Moses Lake and creates poor water quality conditions for the local ecosystem. EarthGen shared resources and activities to seamlessly incorporate locally focused science learning into their classrooms.

A water quality expert from the Columbia Basin Conservation District added a valuable local perspective to the educators’ learning journey. They engaged in activities such as mapping watersheds, conducting water quality tests, and immersing themselves in the interactive Stormwater Solution card game—integral components of EarthGen’s Stormwater Challenge classroom science unit. Educators left the training well-prepared and eager to share local stormwater knowledge with their students in the upcoming school year.

A group of educators look on as another educator holds up a test tube and test strip during water quality testing at a recent Stormwater Challenge teacher training.
Educators immerse themselves in hands-on stormwater learning, including water quality testing, during EarthGen’s Stormwater Challenge teacher training. These Moses Lake School District teachers are now ready to bring locally focused stormwater science education to their students in the upcoming school year.