Narrows View Intermediate Builds Green Leadership

Note: Posts before 2020 reflect EarthGen’s former name, Washington Green Schools.

The sixth graders at Narrows View Intermediate wanted to leave behind a legacy for their classmates. And they turned to their school grounds for inspiration.

Their campus already had a robust rain garden, but it wasn’t integrated into the student learning experience. Kids wanted more time outdoors – and educators wanted a out-of-classroom space with rich teaching opportunities. It was a win-win for every member of the school comunnity.

So the students, guided by their teacher Green Team leaders, sprung to action. Over the course of the school year they:

  • Drafted a maintenance plan for their existing rain garden. This ensures that the garden receives year-round care and safeguards it as a ready-to-use learning space.
  • Created lessons for all grade levels to connect classes to the outdoor space. With plans that included field trips, scavenger hunts, and skits, the Green Team got creative in finding ways to engage their classmates.

Reflecting on the importance of their Washington Green Schools project, 6th grader Sofia S. noted, “Green certification for our school is important because if our school is green, it could inspire the students to be more environmentally friendly at home as well…so that could start a positive domino effect with this certification.”