New! EarthGen Habitat Restoration Certification

School certification is EarthGen’s original and longest running program. Now we are introducing the eighth certification category, Habitat Restoration, to expand sustainability on school campuses into local communities. Habitat restoration provides an excellent opportunity to connect students to the land near their school.

A student is crouched down wearing a face mask and large work gloves. There is a salamander sitting on top of their gloves.

By improving local habitats, students can learn firsthand how they can impact their environment while also engaging in scientific research. Environmental restoration helps students gain the knowledge, skills, and passion required to become environmentally literate and active members of their community.

Special thanks to Columbia High School, Gaiser Middle School, Helen Haller Elementary, La Center High School, and The Island School for piloting EarthGen’s newest certification category.

“This project could be the most meaningful project we’ve done because they felt it with their own hands.”

Mike Derzon, The Island School Green Team Leader