Spokane Outdoor Classroom Makes Nature Accessible

2 students explore the Outdoor Learning Lab at Bemiss Elementary.

Access to nature helps kids grow, which is why educators from Bemiss Elementary reached out to EarthGen. With leadership from an energetic kindergarten teacher, EarthGen provided guidance, funding, and support to create a new outdoor classroom for the Bemiss community.

Centered on a functional rain garden, with a sensory pathway and magnification stations, the new outdoor classroom gives students a place to explore nature in a community that has limited green space.

Note: This video was recorded in November 2020 and references EarthGen’s former name, Washington Green Schools.

“The outdoor learning lab has been such a beautiful greeting. Truly, our school is already transformed. Kids are naturally drawn to these spaces and even without structured exploration, scientific discoveries are already happening!”

Brooke Miller, Kindergarten Teacher, Bemiss Elementary School