Students Design Stormwater Filtration Systems

In the summer of 2021, EarthGen installed a Grattix box (aka a rain garden in a box) on Tyee High School’s campus with funding from the Port of Seattle and The Boeing Company. The Grattix box diverts stormwater from the roof and filters it through a series of layers before heading to a storm drain.

Since EarthGen installed this portable rain garden on their SeaTac campus, Tyee students are learning to filter pollution from runoff. In the classroom, Alison Thomas’ science students are invested in developing their own “Grattix Box” designs because they can see how their full-size box works.  Next the students will be able to measure how their designs improve water quality.

Student proposal for an imporved Grattix Box design
A Tyee student’s proposal for an improved Grattix Box design
A Tyee students' model rain garden.
Diagram showing the layers of a Grattix Box next to Tyee High Scholl's Grattix Box.