Thank You, Teachers

Happy Teacher Appreciation week! We want to express our gratitude to all the fantastic teachers across our state. We appreciate all that you do and the joy you bring to your teaching. We’re sharing these words from Cameron Steinback, EarthGen’s Program Coordinator, to showcase our appreciation.

One of my enduring lessons and inspirations as an educator is joy. I’ve experienced joy in the golden classroom moments when you know transformational learning is happening. I’ve seen joy in students’ faces, anticipating, with wonder and excitement, a well-planned lesson. And I’ll never forget the joy and satisfaction of knowing a student who showed grit and determination to improve their grades before the year ended. As educators, we all have these moments we remember and continually use to inspire our work while moving minds and hearts. I am a product of the joy my teachers showed me through the best and most challenging situations.

We are emerging from one of the most tumultuous times of being an educator. I know you have shown up to your classrooms not always carrying the brightest spark of joy in our hearts and the world’s weight on your shoulders. Despite this, you did your best to deliver the education your students deserve. We see your determination to reach every student. We appreciate the tenacity of your spirit in not letting challenging situations keep you down. We understand the joy you bring to the multitude of community and educational spaces you encounter at school, in the community, and at home. Thank you for being you and sharing your joy in being a teacher every day!

In Gratitude and Joy,
Cameron Steinback

Thank You, Teachers! with photo collage of many teachers