Thank You Teachers!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We want to extend a big thank you to all the amazing teachers across our state. We appreciate all that you do. To showcase our appreciation, we’re sharing these words from Becky Bronstein, WGS’ Program Coordinator.

In these unconventional times, we’re working to accommodate the expectations of at-home learning as we adjust to a workplace that has usurped our home space. Amidst the transition to new routines and the grief of losing normalcy, we also have space for reflection. At Washington Green Schools, we’re able to be resilient because of the educators that shaped us. We’re able to adapt, transition, adjust, move, and modify because of the teachers who taught us how. I can look to where I am now and identify an individual teacher that shaped a pivot point in my life from kindergarten through graduate school.

Teachers have inspired me to go outside, to investigate and explore, to study science, to become a teacher, and to now teach and learn alongside other educators. Perhaps more impactful, teachers equipped me with what to do when things got tough. I learned how to address a problem and the role of both determination and compassion in challenging times. Now, more than ever, I’m grateful for the teachers and educators who guided me in their waking and sleeping hours. They are doing everything they possibly can for their students. Thank you, Teachers. We are resilient because of you.

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