The Story of Bemiss Elementary’s Outdoor Classroom

At Bemiss Elementary in Spokane, beyond the traditional classrooms brimming with eager learners, a vibrant outdoor classroom thrives. This haven, nestled within the school grounds, features a functional rain garden, a sensory pathway, and magnification stations. These elements kindle a passion for the environment among students, igniting their curiosity and love for the natural world through hands-on science education.

The outdoor classroom space at Bemiss Elementary welcomes all who enter the school

The creation of this outdoor sanctuary was a collaborative effort. With the support of EarthGen and the dedication of a kindergarten teacher, the outdoor classroom came to life in 2020. Anchored by the functional rain garden and complemented by the sensory pathway and magnification stations, this space not only enhances education but also fills a need for green space in a community yearning for a deeper connection with nature.

But the journey didn’t stop there. Inspired by their initial achievements, the Bemiss Elementary community embarked on a mission to further enrich their outdoor learning environment. They introduced raised beds, offering students hands-on experiences in gardening and the opportunity to nurture their own green spaces while engaging in practical science education.

Students explore the magnification station and relax on the journaling platforms
Students check out the rain garden at Bemiss Elementary