What a Year! – Explore EarthGen’s 2020-21 Annual Report

We hope you enjoy EarthGen’s 2020-21 Annual Report! Although the pandemic kept most schools shuttered last year, students and teachers found creative ways to adapt. Throughout Washington, young people and school communities continued to learn and take action to protect the environment. 

They couldn’t have done it without you. As you read our stories from the year, we hope you will see how your support of EarthGen is making an impact. Together we are equipping young people to become changemakers for a more just and sustainable world.

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Cover of EarthGen 2020-21 Annual Report with photo of 4 children looking at the camera pausing from planting.

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Dive into EarthGen’s Annual Report to explore our year-end results in infographics, maps, and stories.

Infographic shares the following stats: 369,000 gallons of water will be filtered each year by two new rain gardens, 94% of teachers reported they are better prepared to support students' understanding of climate change, 4 hands-on science units translated into Spanish, 29 local experts presented at EarthGen workshops across the state, 92% of teachers reported a etter understanding of environmental issues and how to develop solutions, 37,426 students reached (28% elementary school, 40% middle school, 29% high school, 3% multi-level school)