Youth Leadership at Mount Si High School Revives Kimball Creek Slough

Mount Si High School’s Green Team is making an impact in their community. They recently earned EarthGen certification for their commitment to preserving the local ecosystem, focusing on the restoration of a slough on the eastern fork of Kimball Creek near their school. This area was once overrun by invasive species and littered with trash. Students took charge of the restoration process, collaborating closely with community partners such as the YMCA Earth Service Corps (YESC) and the Snoqualmie Tribe. They’ve successfully removed the invasive species and replaced them with native plants, including swamp rose, cascara, and Indian plum.

Mount Si High School's Green Team learns the importance of native plant species on the local environment.

The Green Team’s work continues beyond restoration as the students educate their community about the importance of wetlands and biodiversity. To help spread the message, they put up signage describing the restoration and highlighting the significance of wetlands in an ecosystem and inviting the community to join future restoration events. Andrew Rapin, the club’s advisor, shares, “The Green Team is a joy to work with and a formidable presence at our high school.”