Monarch Mystery

Grade: Kindergarten

Available in Spanish

Includes kit materials and professional development for educators to support implementation

Monarch Mystery is a science-based unit that centers on a fascinating natural event: the migration of monarch butterflies. The program is told through the perspective of Violeta, a young girl from a migrant community in central Washington. As students follow Violeta’s story, they participate in fun STEM activities and explore the great outdoors to learn about natural phenomena such as metamorphosis, pollination, and migration.

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2 students look for pollinators on their playground

What makes Monarch Mystery unique?

What’s unique about Monarch Mystery is that it invites students to think about their own lives and family histories, and how they connect to the environment around them. With the guidance of their educators and EarthGen staff, students engage in meaningful conversations and lead an action project to promote biodiversity in their community. They also learn how to communicate the importance of monarch butterflies to others in their community, celebrating the cultural ties between people and nature.