Zombie Guacamole

Grade: 5th

Available in Spanish

Includes kit materials and professional development for educators to support implementation

Zombie Guacamole is a science-based unit that allows students to explore the fascinating topic of decomposition. Specifically, the program aims to help students understand what is required for decomposition to occur and why it is important for ecosystems. In addition, the program also focuses on how waste systems are linked to the health of people and the environment.

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A close-up showing a student's hands holding a small mason jar that is used as a decomposition jar experiment, you can see fresh apple slices and soil inside

What makes Zombie Guacamole unique?

One of the unique features of Zombie Guacamole is that students will investigate a strange phenomenon: a bowl of guacamole that was found at the bottom of a 25-year-old landfill, still fresh! Through this investigation, students will build an evidence-based explanation for how this could have happened.

Students work in groups to manipulate conditions for decomposition in an experiment called the “Race to Decomposition.” Throughout this experience, students gain a deeper understanding of the complex processes that occur in ecosystems and how they are all interconnected.

By combining scientific understanding, environmental consciousness, and action, students can make a positive difference in their school community and beyond.