Certification FAQ

Is our school eligible to participate?

All K-12 schools in Washington state are eligible to earn EarthGen Certification. Just read through the certification process to get started working towards a greener, healthier school community!

Does it cost money?

There is no charge to participate in the program. As long as you have an internet connection, you can get resources, fill out your Report Card, and access support.

Implementing your chosen action project – particularly if it involves facility modifications – may involve some costs. EarthGen can help you find local resources to assist with funding and supplies for your action project. And keep in mind that many actions result in lower long-term operating or utility costs.

How long does it take to get certified?

Although some schools finish in a few months, plan for one full school year to complete the certification process. This will give you time to complete the six steps required for certification and make a meaningful lasting change on campus.

We have already been doing environmental/conservation work; can we get credit for what we have already done?

Yes! Simply choose which environmental category (Energy, Healthy School Buildings, School Grounds & Gardens, Transportation, Waste & Recycling, Water, Habitat Restoration, or At-Home) best matches your work in progress. You will need to complete the report card demonstrating that your school continued to make progress on your action project during the certifying year. Contact EarthGen for more guidance.

What happens after we are certified?

When you earn the Bronze level, your school will receive statewide recognition for your achievements and an EarthGen flag to fly proudly at your school. EarthGen can even help you draft a press release to share your success with the broader community. Your certification is valid for two years, and your school becomes eligible to earn higher levels – Silver, Gold, or Platinum, and Rave Green – by recertifying with projects in new categories. 

What if no adults are available to help? Can students still do this program?

Your Green Team should include at least one adult from the school staff or an affiliated parent and be principal-approved. If you have difficulty meeting this requirement, please contact EarthGen to discuss possible alternatives.

How often should our Green Team meet?

It varies from school to school. Some Green Teams are integrated into classroom learning and meet daily. Others are lunchtime or after school programs and meet twice monthly. We recommend that you meet at least once a month to keep your goals on track.

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