Environmental stewardship is an ongoing process.

As Green Teams complete action projects and tackle environmental issues in their  communities, they recertify to sustain their certification or elevate to a higher certification level.

How Recertification Works


Your certification only lasts for two years, but if you maintain your previous lasting change and choose one new action project, you can recertify as a Sustaining school at your current level.


To build on your success, complete a project in a new category to earn:

  • Silver with certification in two categories;
  • Gold with certification in three to five categories, or
  • Platinum with certification in six or seven categories.

Ready to recertify?

Fill out the Recertification Report Card to expand your impact in an environmental category your school has already certified in. Or start a new Report Card in a different environmental category to raise your certification level.

“By completing the certification process, our students were able to take ownership of real and positive changes and establish themselves as leaders while learning valuable life skills.”

teacher, hillcrest elementary