Breathing Easier

Grade: 5th

Available in Spanish

Includes kit materials and professional development for educators to support implementation

Breathing Easier is a science-based unit that helps students learn about air quality and its impact on human health in Washington state. The program is designed to provide an integrated learning experience that combines science, data analysis, and environmental justice discussions.

Other Science-Based Units

A student holds an air quality meter and examines the numbers.

What makes Breathing Easier unique?

Breathing Easier looks at the relationship between ecological systems and society, and how individuals and communities can take action to improve air quality. Using handheld air quality meters and online tools, students gather data to better understand air quality in their community. With guidance from their teachers and support from EarthGen staff, students can design and lead projects to improve community health both at school and at home.

Breathing Easier is a great way for students to learn about the impact of air pollution on their health and the environment. By engaging in hands-on activities and real-world problem-solving, students can become advocates for change and work towards creating healthier communities for all.

Breathing Easier Success Story

Learn how Lakeland Hills Elementary School students in Auburn, Washington, helped reduce air pollution in their community.